Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bathroom Design

There are several bathroom designs and ideas that you’ll be able to choose from, ranging from the very popular contemporary designs to classic luxury ideas. The contemporary style is very popular nowadays as it has that minimalist look that is very chic. Also if you design your bathroom with a minimal look you don’t need as many accessories to buy so it’s a cheaper design to pull off and execute. The contemporary style will usually have very clean lines and it would usually have whites or pastels as its main color, with a dash or wood or chrome on it to make it come to life. Another advantage of going with the contemporary style is also great for those who have small bathrooms as it gives the illusion of having much space in a constricted area.So there you have it, two different bathroom design ideas for your upcoming renovation. Now, there are is a large selection of bathroom renovation ideas out there that may suit your fancy, depending on your own sense of style, preferences and your favored motif. Take your time, do research, find photos and pictures, and work with designers that you trust and have a good reputation!


  1. Outrageous bath design but the only thing I am missing are shower doors.

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